Textile air conditioning diffusers are produced with disinfectable hygienic suitable washing materials and don't disappoint customers' expectations.
Fabrics weight range has been selected in order to achieve small volume, washing easyness and fast mounting/dismounting operations. Low weights ensures low internal pressure low outlet air speed, long products shelf life, long personnel well being, low indoor noise due to low pressure, smallest electric energy consumption and very high energy savings. 
The use of Blowtex Textile Diffusers also allows energy savings of 20% thermal load energy  in conjunction with the use of dedicated and targeted ventilation techniques, reducing the stratification of the heat in the winter period, favoring it instead while in the summer, for the benefit of the environment and the  operating economy. 50% of fans ventilation energy savings instead can be achieved by using low pressure axial fans, and upsetting some old calculation habits.
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